We have joined Work for Good!

We have joined a platform called Work for Good , which provides a new way to support Access All Areas via your business.

Work for Good is a charity fundraising platform whose mission is to "unleash the giving power of the business world".

Their platform offers businesses a smarter way to give to the causes of their choice - one that builds giving into your day-to-day work, which is good for both us and your business.

They handle any legal hurdles and admin that you would usually encounter when trying to link donations to sales figures.

Another good reason to join is that you are able to put the Work for Good mark on your website so your customers immediately see that your company is a socially responsible business.

Please visit the Work For Good business page to find out more, sign up and start giving (preferably to Access All Areas..!)

You can also contact hello@workforgood.co.uk to arrange a quick call to find out more about how you can ‘Do Well By Doing Good'.