Launch of MADHOUSE wiki

We're thrilled to officially launch our MADHOUSE wiki.

After months of hard work, our eight learning disabled Wiki Masters have created an accessible multimedia resource that records their engagement in the Madhouse project and themes including institutionalisation. 

There's a gallery, creative responses, interviews and more. 

The wiki is launched during MADHOUSE history week, a series of workshops for adults with learning disabilities that use drama and advocacy skills to explore life in long stay hospitals.

This week also marks the final days of MADHOUSE my house?, an interactive and accessible exhibition at Hackney Museum, that explores life in St. Lawrence's long stay hospital through the memories of Harvey Waterman and Mabel Cooper. The wiki features a guided tour of the exhibition by its creators.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the wiki - and keep your eyes peeled for a special interview with WikiMaster Lee coming soon.