Interview with the Eater

What inspired your piece in MADHOUSE re:exit?

It was when we went to Harperbury in Hertfordshire and we looked around places that housed people in long-stay hospitals. We also talked a lot about Mabel Cooper. There were pictures that were shown, people had a gag on their mouth. It’s all about shifting power and control.

Do you feel that people with learning disabilities are institutionalised still?

I see things have improved, you know, still a long way to go. But I think step by step things have improved a lot.

Do you think that the changes the government are making are having a negative impact on people with learning disabilities?

I’m hoping when the government hopefully comes to watch this show, hopefully, it will bring a change.

What’s one thing you’d like an audience to take away from MADHOUSE re:exit?

The audience are gonna have fun! But at the same there’s heart-breaking moments. What we could do, support, you know make a change.

Why should people come and see MADHOUSE re:exit?

We got the big baby, we got the jaguar, we got the bird, we got the escapist – it’s jammed packed! So, come and see this show, and beware of the feast that you were promised!