A talking bird!

What inspired your piece in MADHOUSE re:exit?

What inspired my piece in Madhouse? Feeling trapped, freedom, self-awareness, control, everything. It just seeps right in there. It’s a part of me. Getting down to the quirky, unusual, unsettling things.

What have you learned about the history of people with learning disabilities?

That people have been locked up, people not knowing what to do, how to help people with different needs. I was pretty shocked. I was like ‘oh my god, is that still happening? Yeah, it is! No way, no way.’ I’m lucky that for me, I didn’t have to witness that or be a part of that. It’s very hard-hitting.

Do you think that the changes the government are making are having a negative impact on people with learning disabilities?

Totally. They don’t understand who we actually are, and we are humans as well. We are better than them put together. We have ideas, we are creative, we are professionals, we will be showing them one day and they will learn from us.

What’s one thing you’d like an audience to take away from MADHOUSE re:exit?

I want them to really understand through my dance that it’s a journey and it’s true. When I do my performance, I want them to understand that you feel a bit trapped but you’re also open. I’m a performance artist as well and so I’m enjoying myself and showing the world what I can do.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is trying out different things doing a bit of research, improvising. That’s how I create my piece. We write down ideas. Access All Areas helps me out as well, totally, I love them very much, they’re close to my heart.

Why should people come and see MADHOUSE re:exit?

Access All Areas puts on inclusive shows for everybody. It will inspire you, move you, it ticks every single box. It will confuse you, it’s a big wow factor, that’s why you should come and see our show. You’ll be pretty amazed.