MADHOUSE re:exit - reviews round up!

Here are a few quotes from some of our favourite reviews of MADHOUSE re:exit:

Simply groundbreaking... MADHOUSE sets a new standard for immersive theatre
— Disability Arts Online
beautifully executed… it is just glorious to see the talent and creativity of these five disabled artists brought to life for an audience… five artists using their art to kick butt and change the world... one of the most important pieces of theatre I have seen in recent years... a creative call to arms
— LondonTheatre1
Everybody needs to see this show. It is an outstanding piece of political theatre. Interesting, captivating, and heartbreaking. Do not miss this show. The immersive world the company has created is brilliant, as are the performances. The show makes the audience question England’s current society but also makes you question your own perceptions of people with learning disabilities.
— TheatreBox
a sharp, urgent critique… very important... very entertaining... strong performances… intricate and elaborate design... a memorable, one-of-a-kind work
— Upper Circle
Proudly and defiantly other… The actor’s loud, proud and shameless commitment to presenting the stigma, trauma and pain they are, have been, and will continue to be subjected to is a gesture of empowerment; empowering not just for the actors, but for all those living with disabilities.
— A Younger Theatre
Immersive Theatre taken to another level... a great performance by every member of the cast... You will be laughing, engaging, dancing and most importantly thinking
— Fairy Powered Productions
a deeply disturbing and bitingly political look at society’s complicitness in the treatment of people with learning disabilities... hugely necessary... a blazingly relevant and important piece of theatre, aimed at forcing audiences to listen to what those with learning disabilities actually have to say.
— Theatre Bubble