Interview with the Escapist

MADHOUSE re:exit enters rehearsals on Monday.

Before then, listen to the Escapist, David Munns, on why you should see the piece - and why he might know more than you think...

What inspired your piece in MADHOUSE re:exit?

Several things. The way things are going. Another thing was magic and illusion and the fact that things aren’t always what they seem. Saying that you don’t have to accept the box that they put you in. People only see what they want to see, they don’t see the bigger picture. It’s a sort of sly wink, we know more than you think

Do you feel that people with learning disabilities are institutionalised still?

Things are a bit free-er now, but there are still problems. Money is one of them, it all comes back to money. There’s a line in the show, ‘follow the money, follow the money’.

Do you think that the changes the government are making are having a negative impact on people with learning disabilities?

To a certain extent. It’s not as bad as it was, but it’s not as good as it could be. But I do worry about this government. I think it’s full of idiots.

What’s one thing you’d like an audience to take away from MADHOUSE re:exit?

I think that they should understand that we have a sense of humor and that we understand a bit more about the world than people seem to think.

What is your creative process?

I’m not just a writer, I’m not just an actor, I’m a writer as well and a designer. So I had a lot of visual input into what I’m doing. Sometimes we’d have a chat, sort of like a stream of consciousness kind of thing, and that would make us think ‘oh, I can take that, and that’.

Why should people come and see MADHOUSE re:exit?

Basically, because I think it’s a brilliant piece of theatre. I think that there are a lot of positive things to be taken from it. It’s basically telling you that you should question everything, always remember that.