Interview with Wiki Master Lee

This video is closed captioned.

Lee graduated from our Performance Making Diploma at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2014. Since then he has been working with Access All Areas in a number of ways – most recently on the MADHOUSE my house? project.

MADHOUSE my house? is a digital and creative learning programme that launched in September 2015. It researches the institutionalisation people with learning disabilities and their experiences of everyday life in long-stay hospitals. Lee and his fellow researchers Charlene, Jolene, Paul, Rufaro, Terry, Graham and Zara worked to create a wiki for the MADHOUSE my house? project.

Lee described a wiki as a platform for creating a website or a blog, either for business or personal reasons, on which you can put pictures, videos and more. The MADHOUSE wiki, includes photographs from trips to Harperbury Hospital, where people with disabilities were segregated by sex, and London Metropolitan Archives, where the group read about the history of learning disabilities. There are also interviews with ex-residents of long-stay hospitals and a tour of the MADHOUSE my house? exhibition at Hackney Museum. Lee learned that these institutions often had a very negative effect on people. He felt if he lived in one it would be very frightening.  

Lee learned a lot through creating the wiki. Ajay, technical assistant at Rix Research & Media, University of East London, showed Lee and his co-researchers how to use the wiki and how to add information, pictures and videos. Lee now knows how to use the wiki very well and is a ‘Wiki Master’. Lee’s favourite thing about the wiki is adding videos and high quality photos.


Lee learned that he’s able to create his own wiki to showcase his work and talents so he can take steps towards to achieve his dreams. He thinks it’s important that the wiki exists because it will help everyone, no matter of who they are, to learn about the history of learning disabilities.

To view the wiki, visit or click the image be