"You'll get a knock out!" Harvey on his experiences with Access All Areas, Jim Broadbent and being strict with Elsie

Harvey has experienced a lot over the years with Access All Areas; he has been with us since Rainbow Drama Group in 1976. He has been a regular in our shows and weekly sessions with Black Cab Theatre Company. In 2016, he will be on the big screen with Jim Broadbent in ‘The Sense of an Ending’ after acting with him in 1982’s film 'Walter'.

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At 80 years old, Harvey is just as theatrical and charming as ever, we interviewed him about his experiences and this is what he said.

You recently performed in a film alongside Jim Broadbent, tell us a bit more about that experience:

Well I enjoyed doing the film. Most of the time we were walking the streets of London – My character was on a wobbly bridge and a London pub.

Was there lots of filming in the pub?

We were talking together and the producer came over with small glasses of beer!

What happened when you met Jim Broadbent?

Yes, well he remembered me from the last film we made, Walter.

What are your memories of filming ‘Walter’ all those years ago?

One of my memories was when we had to have our hair cut, put pajamas on and go to bed, and then Nurse came in and told us to stand back.

In that film I played a character called Toby – and I had to pull the bed clothes off Sir Ian Mckellen! I’ll never forget all the decorations that were up and we were singing.

Jim Broadbent mentioned this when we met on set in ‘Sense of an ending’.

This year Access All Areas is 40 years old! What do you love most about the theatre company?

It helps me get on. It helps me get involved with acting. It helps me make friends and get on with others. It keeps me active. – I’m still sitting on the floor and running around!

I like performing to an audience. It lets the audience see what we have been working on in class, our talents and our skills.

What do you remember about shows over the past 40 years? Any favourites?

I loved ‘The Fact of the Matter’ – which I haven’t watched back yet. I liked it when the lead character was talking in court. I remember walking along the stage while he was doing a monologue and doing a lot of ensemble work. I had to pretend I was reaching out for the audience and I couldn’t reach them. During the prologue- it helped us portray the fact that the barrister had trouble communicating.

Most of the time, I remember Geraldine was chatting away when we were playing judges!

The Magic Mirror

I also remember The Magic Mirror with Elsie – it was a fantastical story and I played her Dad. I was a little bit strict. I made her sit down and do her knitting.

She had this ball, like a juggling ball and she threw it and it went down and part of the floor was meant to be the garden, and she disobeyed me and she escaped me! – I was very strict with her. – I wasn’t happy!

As a long-standing member, what changes have you been involved with within the company?

I liked it when we changed the name to Black Cab, I had been part of it for so long it was important that we found a good name. So it could be free – and it wasn’t similar to a lot of other projects at the time- it felt much better. Feels like its more modern.

What’s the most positive contribution Access All Areas makes to the theatre industry?

When I came to see Eye Queue Hear I was happy we were taking our shows to the streets, and developing our professional work. It’s good because it gets the people outside to come in and see our stuff. We like trying different types of theatre.

What would you like to say to readers about the new show?

I think its good. I think other people should come and see it – you’ll get a knock out!  I’m getting my picture on the flyer and I’m happy about that! 

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