MADHOUSE re:exit

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5 artists. 5 rooms. We're not going back.

A new exciting, immersive theatre experience exploring institutionalisation.

Inspired by a refusal to be silent, and a history of being ignored, 5 learning disabled artists take us on a wondrous adventure underground. As they tear back the walls to their lives, past and present spin together in a powerful expression of what it feels like to be learning disabled today.

Opening Spring 2018 in London before touring to Manchester, with special 'pop up' performances of individual rooms at galleries, events and on the street across the country.

Come join us in the madhouse.

Madhouse, My House?

Madhouse, My House? is a three-year digital and creative learning programme to accompany the Performance Company's MADHOUSE re:exit production.

The project explores the institutionalisation of people with learning disabilities from the introduction of long stay hospitals in 1913 to present day treatment units. The project aims to ensure as wide an audience as possible, of all different abilities, can engage in the performance and surrounding activities. 

Over the three years we are running a series of film, performance and digital advocacy projects. Partners on the project include the University of East London's RIX Research and Media, the Open UniversityUniversity of Reading, Hackney Museum and Books Beyond Words in a number of exciting ways. 

RIX Research and Media has worked with seven of our members to create an accessible website exploring institutionalisation and recording the overall project.

Six of our members researched and created an accessible and interactive exhibition alongside the University of Reading at Hackney Museum that runs from 2nd February until 20th May 2017.

We are running a series of Madhouse History weeks to engage groups of adult with learning disabilities in the exploration of this cultural history through performance, advocacy and the creation of a non-word book with Books Beyond Words

We have worked with the Open University to create an education pack for all ages and abilities that explores institutionalisation and life in long-stay hospitals. This pack was launched at Parliament's Portcullis House in November 2016.

Madhouse, My House? is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

More information

For more information about getting involved with Madhouse, My House? contact Alex: 0207 613 6445 /

For press enquiries, contact Patrick Collier: 0207 613 6445 /