'You could just hear it outside, the screaming and what have you, you'd think you were going into a madhouse' (Mabel Cooper)

MADHOUSE myhouse?

'MADHOUSE myhouse?'  is a 3 year digital creative learning programme that accompanies the 'MADHOUSE re:exit' production by Access All Areas' Performance Company.  

The project explores the history of institutionalisation of people with learning disabilities. From long stay hospitals in 1913 right through to current treatment units.  

We are running a series of film, performance and digital advocacy projects over the years. We are partnering with RIX Research Centre, part of University of East London, Open University and University of Reading in a number of exciting projects. 

RIX have been helping us make a special accessible project website.  Watch this space for the website launch soon!

We are currently building an accessible exhibition with Sensory Objects project.  It will open at Hackney Museum in February 2017.  

In September 2017 there will be lots of workshops on offer to accompany the production.  

We have been working with the Open University to create a Teacher's Pack for schools. Have a look here: 


If you are interested in this project, please consider donating: 

We have been working with Advocreate to develop the film 'No Longer Shut Up" which we have used as the inspiration for our MADHOUSEmyhouse? project. This will be used as a training resource within our workshops for people with learning disabilities and other organisations which will be led by our trained facilitators with learning disabilities.