Immersive Theatre

MADHOUSE re:exit

Inspired by a refusal to be silent, and a history of being ignored, five learning disabled artists take us on a wondrous adventure underground.

As they tear back the walls to their lives, past and present spin together in a powerful expression of what it feels like to have a learning disability in today's world.

Eye Queue Hear

Eye Queue Hear was a ground-breaking audio promenade performance that toured the United Kingdom, responding to different environments and exploring the IQ test.

The IQ test was originally commissioned by the French Government to identify children with learning disabilties.

The Trial

Across Hackney are billboards emblazoned with the face of one man: Joseph K.

He is wanted by The Department for Digital Privacy for investigation.

An immersive re-imagining of Kafka's The Trial and In the Penal Colony, co-produced with RIFT and set across the nooks and crannies of East London.